Senior Mechanical Thermal Systems Engineer

Santa Barbara   |   Full Time


  • Design and modeling of heat transfer units for ultra-high temperature (>1000 C) pressurized reactor systems.
  • Design experimental units to test thermal performance expected in scaled-up reactor systems and manage experiments with technical staff.
  • Select and test of materials of construction for high temperature units.
  • Work collaboratively with chemical process team on integration of thermal systems into chemical process.
  • Construction of CAD models for small-scale experimental test stands.
  • Document and report all development activities.
  • Train and supervise junior personnel.


  • 10+ years of experience leading projects of $25MM+
  • B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in Engineering or Science field.
  • Background working at temperatures greater than 1000 C.
  • Proficiency and experience with a range of thermal modeling numerical tools.
  • Proficiency and experience with CAD tools.
  • Proficiency and experience in fluid dynamics modeling preferred.
  • Experience in molten metals, molten salts, and/or high temperature chemical reactor design preferred.

About C-Zero

C-Zero is a hard-tech startup located in Santa Barbara, CA, that is developing a technology for decarbonizing natural gas. The company’s technology uses high temperatures to break down methane, (the primary molecule in natural gas) into hydrogen and solid carbon. C-Zero’s hydrogen can be used to decarbonize a wide range of industries including ammonia production, gasoline and diesel fuel, electric generation, process heat, and fuel cell vehicles, and has the potential to address 75% of global CO2 emissions.

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